Mill House Equipments

Our Equipments

1. Cane Handling
2. Cane Unloader
3. Cane & Rake Carriers & Elevators
4. Cane Preparation Equipments
5. Shredder
6. Swing type cane Cutter
7. Leveller
8. Chopper and Kicker
9. Mill House-Head Stock

10. Couping Box
11. Trash Turner Beam
12. Trash Plate
13. Scrapper and Bearing Housing
14. Pressure Feeder
15. Toothed Roller Pressure Feeder ( TRPF),
16. Grooved Roller Pressure Feeder (GRPF)
17. Toothed Under feed Roller (TUFR)
18. Crown Pinion
19. Tail Bar


Cane Chopper

Cane Leveller


Crown Pinion


GRPF Head Stock

Scrapper Plate

Square Coupling

Cane Cutter , Cane Fibrizer , Cane Shredder

Cane Cutter

Cane Equalizer

TRPF Rollers

TRPF Rollers

Mill House Equipments
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