Fabrizer For Cane Preparation Equipment

In sugar cane industry fibrizer is in main role to cane preparation after the process of leveling of cane. Swing hammer type fibrizer is used in preparation & excellent in operation for in sugar industry.

We are a well known in  manufacturering and exporter of Heavy Duty Cane Shredders which are specifically built to fulfill the demand of any Sugar Cane Mill operations. To improve crush rates all along line, Cane Shredders prepare the cane before to sugar extraction. As more than just a reason, this equipment is a crucial component of the cane milling process. The shredding action of our Cane Shredders produces more fibre particles and ruptures more sucrose carrying cells. This enables the mill or diffuser extraction process to extract as much sugar juice as possible from the processed cane.

This also improves the bulk density of the prepared cane, and increases the extraction plant’s capacity. The amount of energy absorbed by milling or dewatering mills is minimized resulting better and optimised returns.

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